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18 Gifts For Anyone With A Sweet Tooth

Donut keep these to yourself.

1. A personalized copy of the BuzzFeed Tasty cookbook that can be customized with only the sweetest recipes.

Get it from Tasty for $39.95 (plus free shipping!).

2. A LED gummy bear light that brightens any room when his belly is squeezed.

3. A sherpa-lined blanket to nap under when the sugar crash finally hits.

4. A tote to point to when someone says, "Another donut, Nancy?"

5. A heat-conducting ice cream scoop that makes putting together a Sunday sundae so much easier.

6. A mug that understands the True Love that exists between coffee and a donut.

7. A tee for anyone with a separate stomach compartment for dessert.

8. A s'mores pillow warmer for anyone who likes to be ~perfectly toasted~.

9. A sturdy phone case that makes dropping a phone less heartbreaking than dropping an ice cream cone.

10. An enamel pin for any self-identifying chocoholic.

11. A microwavable mug that lets any oven-less baker make perfect single serving cakes.

12. And a book of mug dessert recipes including cakes, cookies, and more.

13. A candle that makes your home smell like there are chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven every day.

14. A throw pillow for anyone who knows adding sprinkles never hurts.

15. A pair of cupcake undies for your "Sweetcheeks."

16. A bow tie that understands that accessories are like the frosting of outfits.

17. A Kate Spade thermos that supports the best morning ideas.

18. And a peppermint candy tube perfect for dashing through the snow.

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