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27 Gifts That Are Perfect For Anyone With A Sweet Tooth

All the things to get for your sugar sugar.

Amy Sefton for BuzzFeed Life

1. A giant ice cream cone lamp for anyone who ~lights up~ at the thought of ice cream.

2. A Pop-Tart phone case for anyone who loves to eat dessert for breakfast.

3. A tea towel to wipe cake batter-y fingers on.

4. Caffeinated chocolate chippers that take the term ~breakfast cookie~ to the next level.

$20 for a dozen, Amazon.

5. A set of donut coasters that are the only rings you'll want on your table.

6. An ice cream mixing set that brings Cold Stone to your kitchen.

Gotta have it.

$69.95, Uncommon Goods.

7. A tee for someone whose cake is dark (chocolate), like their soul.

8. A patch to signify membership in the Cone Club.

Because if you get ice cream in a bowl, you're honestly missing half the dessert.

$15, Wear the Canvas on Etsy.

9. A pair of cinnamon roll pins that will make any collar pop.

10. Earbuds in a macaron case too cute to ever lose.

$6.99, Amazon.

11. An ice cream USB to store all of your backed up #foodporn photos.

12. A giant (six pound!) tub of Nutella.

13. And the Nutella recipe book to use up said jar.

$12.95, Amazon.

14. A garland of icy treats to make every day feel like summer.

15. A pan for making CAKE PIÑATAS.

$15.24, Amazon.

16. A bag of chocolate coal for those who are only naughty on the outside.

$8.10 (for 3), Amazon.

17. A scented stress ball for when you donut feel your best.

$7.49, Amazon.

18. A tee that describes #WeekendGoals.

19. An adorable s'mores pillow warmer to toast your lap and your heart.

$36.99, Amazon.

20. A cake topper for any lovingly homemade dessert.

Or any lovingly picked up at Costco dessert.

$21.69, Sophia Victory Joy on Etsy.

21. A reminder that eating cake is really like celebrating a stranger's birthday.

An act of kindness, really.

$19, ArmiTee on Etsy.

22. An interchangeable stamp that personalizes every cookie.

23. Donut undies to make any outfit secretly sweeter.

24. A mug that celebrates sweets as much as it celebrates OutKast.

25. A dessert slicer that removes ~perfect pieces~.

26. A camel sugar bowl for only the tastiest lumps.

27. And tooth-shaped molds to use when making cupcakes for your dentist.

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