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    A Guide To Woody Allen's New York

    See the director's favorite spots in his favorite city.

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    Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed
    Flickr: pilotgirl / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    260-266 W 94th Street (between Broadway and West End Avenue)

    As seen in: Hannah and Her Sisters

    You might remember Pomander Walk from when Woody takes a tour with the two attractive ladies he meets at the beginning of the film. The gated community was established in 1922, and the name comes from a play set in Pomander Walk, "a retired crescent of five very small, old-fashioned houses near Chiswick (London)." While it was only supposed to stay up for a few years, it has been saved multiple times by its residents. / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    Entrance on Central Park West and 79th St

    As seen in: Manhattan

    In Manhattan the planetarium serves as a much needed source of shelter for Woody Allen and Diane Keaton from the down pour outside. But it's so much more than just that! The amazing planetarium features exhibits on all different aspects of our galaxy. Grab tickets for an IMAX movie or just passes to check out the museum here!

    George Heyer / Getty / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    1071 5th Ave at 89th St

    As seen in: Manhattan

    Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim Museum is a piece of art in itself. It's no wonder Allen had his and Diane Keaton's characters meet at the famous museum. Check out the schedule for the ever changing exhibits here. / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    1000 5th Ave at 82nd St

    As seen in: Manhattan

    Woody Allen is a long time fan of the Met. So it's no surprise that he used the museum in his films. While the Met is only shown briefly in the prologue, one could spend hours exploring the museum. Whether you like modern or classical art. This is the ideal place to get lost. You can check out what is on exhibit here. / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    35 E 76th St and Madison

    As seen in: Woody Allen's real life

    Woody Allen performs with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band every Monday at this Upper East Side hotel. Make reservations to see the show here.

    Flickr: saitowitz / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    945 Madison Ave at 75th St

    As seen in: Manhattan

    Mary and Isaac take a walk through The Whitney in Manhattan. But they only show a small piece of the fantastic museum on the Upper East Side. It focuses mainly on living artists, making it a unique space for art fans and historians alike. Check out the exhibit schedule here. / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    Enter Central Park at 65th St

    As seen in: Manhattan

    The Central Park Zoo is a Woody Allen staple, appearing in many of his films. Can you blame him? How could you possibly pass up seeing penguins in the middle of New York City?! Grab tickets here.

    Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    767 5th Avenue at 59th St

    As seen in: Mighty Aphrodite

    FAO Schwarz was the perfect location for Woody Allen to end his film Mighty Aphrodite. Check out one of the world's most famous toy stores in New York. Shop online here.

    Flickr: garrettziegler / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    4 W 58th St (between 5th and 6th Avenue)

    As seen in: Annie Hall

    Woody Allen gets in a hysterical fight with a Columbia professor over Marshall McLuhan at The Paris Theater, an old school one-theater house uptown in Annie Hall. You can still see films at this fantastic theater (hopefully without the annoying chatter in line). Check out the times here.

    Flickr: shellysblogger / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    116 E 59th St (between Park and Lexington Avenue)

    As seen in: The Front

    This bookstore is filled with old and used gems. Make sure to check out their maps and print collection! Take a look at what is available here.

    Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    59th St and FDR Drive

    As seen in: Manhattan

    Grab a seat where Allen and Keaton watched the sunrise, at one of the benches along the river for a great view of the Queensboro Bridge.

    Flickr: ejs76 / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    21 W 52nd St (Between 5th and 6th Avenue)

    As seen in: Manhattan Murder Mystery

    Grab dinner where Larry and Carol take their son Nick for his birthday in Manhattan Murder Mystery. Check out the menu for this classic New York spot here.

    Flickr: paul_lowry / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    150 W 57th St (between 6th and 7th Avenue)

    As seen in: Manhattan

    Woody Allen has long been a regular at this uptown spot. He featured the restaurant in a short scene in Manhattan, in which he brings his son into the restaurant for some father son bonding time. Grab dinner and tea at one of the most famous tea rooms in the world. Where, as they say, "every experience is memorable at the Russian Tea Room." Check out the menu here.

    Flickr: larryfishkorn / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    854 7th Ave at 56th St

    As seen in: Broadway Danny Rose

    The story of talent manager Danny Rose is introduced by a group of comedians at this famous Jewish deli. It sits across the street from the famous Carnegie Hall. Take a look at the menu here.

    Flickr: atomische / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    38 Commerce St

    As seen in: Another Woman

    Famous for nurturing a community of both well known and emerging artists. The theater brings both to work together in some of the most challenging plays in the city. Grab tickets here.

    Flickr: slice / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    278 Bleecker St (Between Jones and Cornelia St)

    As seen in: Manhattan

    John's has been a West Village staple since 1929. But you may know it from when Tracy tells Isaac that she's been accepted to school in London in Manhattan. The famous shop only makes three delicious things: pizza, pasta and calzones. Check out the menu here.

    Flickr: kramchang / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    560 Broadway (Between Prince and Spring St)

    As seen in: Husband and Wives

    Dean and Deluca is famous for their impressive selection of prepared food, making it the perfect stop for lunch, which is why Mia Farrow’s meets up with the newly-single Judy Davis at the luxury grocery store. Look at what is available for purchase here.

    Flickr: roboppy / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    13 Doyers St (Btween Pell and Mott St)

    As seen in: Radio Days

    The parlor was the first dim sum restaurant in New York and still stands today. Check out the menu here. / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    168 1st Avenue (between 10th and 11th St)

    As seen in: Manhattan Murder Mystery

    Larry, Carol, Ted, and Marcia crack the murder case at this famous Italian eatery. Check out the menu here. / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    69 E 4th St and 2nd Avenue

    As seen in: Hannah and Her Sisters

    Michael Caine and Barbara Hershey go browsing for a copy of e.e. cummings' poems at this used book shop. Still open today, pick up a fantastic used book at the shop or here. / Justine Zwiebel / Buzzfeed

    137 East Houston St (between Forsyth and Eldridge)

    As seen in: Whatever Works

    Larry David hits up this old school knishery in Woody Allen's 2009 film. Check out the menu here.

    CORRECTION: The Equal Rights Amendment Fundraiser in Woody Allen's Manhattan took place at the Museum of Modern Art. An earlier version of this item stated that the fundraiser took place at the MET.

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