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The Definitive Ranking Of 43 Characters On "Lost"

These are the official rankings, decided by me, which are set in stone. Spoiler alert, in case you haven't watched Lost yet.

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19. Kate

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KATE WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH YOU. You can't just play with people's hearts. Do you love Jack??? DO YOU LOVE SAWYER???? Why are you so quiet? Why did your hair always look so good?

11. John Locke

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John, you'd probably have cracked the top 10 if you didn't go all EVIL on us. But even though you became a man we didn't know, you will be in our hearts forever.

10. Juliet

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Juliet was like a little piece of heaven that entered Lost-ville and saved us all. When she sacrificed herself in the bomb-pit that one time, her fate as a hero/wonderful person was sealed.

6. Rose and Bernard

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These two are being counted as one because they are the best couple and are probably still living on that Island, loving life, and letting their hair touch their butts. <3 <3 <3 <3

3. Sawyer

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Yes, Sawyer is above Jack on this list. Because even though Sawyer was rough around the edges, he was just a big old softy on the inside. And he looked great coming out of water. And also that face.

2. Charlie

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Charlie was the best thing to happen to the island and to anyone that ever met him. his death while as if we died. No one will ever be as wonderful as Charlie was. BUt there is still one being that beat him for the number one spot.

1. Vincent

THE DOG. THE WONDERFUL, PERFECT DOG. Vincent was not only a kind, gentle soul, but he was there to basically make every moment better. He was a dog for crying out loud and he never complained about being on an island with monsters and people dying and time travel. Also he was there to comfort Jack when he was dying. It was beautiful. Vincent forever.

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