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The 19 Best Seen And Unseen Moments From Last Night's Emmy Awards

In a somewhat meh show, these were the standout moments from the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

1. When Claire Danes creeped up on Lena Dunham:

2. And then tenderly kissed her head later:

3. When Kevin Spacey wanted the camera to GET OUTTA THERE:

4. When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler heckled Neil Patrick Harris:

5. And then stumbled onto the stage:

6. When Merritt Weaver gave the best non-acceptance speech ever:

7. This selfie taken by Judd Apatow and Allison Williams:

8. When Will Ferrell showed up with three kids (and in Crocs?):

9. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus won and got into character with Tony Hale:

10. This photo of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul:

11. And Sofia Vergara's message to Miley Cyrus at an after-party:

12. When Tina Fey thanked the pope:

13. When Jimmy Fallon tap-danced and Conan O'Brien made his entrance:

14. When Nathan Fillion danced and sang...

15. ...along with Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Silverman:

16. This Kevin Spacey turn-around:

17. This photo of Bill Hader:

18. When GOB and Michael Bluth reunited:

19. And the newest most awkward moment in life... When this man was caught on stage and had to make a quick exit: