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    16 Pictures That Were Taken Of Famous People This Week

    Caught on camera.

    1. Katy Perry was bundled with her puppy.

    Evga, Ngre / NEMO/ NGRE / BACKGRID

    2. Luke Evans hit the beach.

    Sbch / SBCH / BACKGRID

    3. Jason Mamoa took a ride.

    Apex / BACKGRID

    4. Chris Pine walked his pup.

    Edpi / OnPoint3 / BACKGRID

    5. Rachel Bilson bought some pillows.

    Japz, Jola / 4CRNS, Bruce / BACKGRID

    6. Reese Witherspoon and her son took a walk.

    Spot / SPOT / BACKGRID

    7. BeBe Rexha flipped two birds.

    Rfap / LionsShareNews / BACKGRID

    8. Lucy Hale double fisted.

    Grid / LRR / BACKGRID

    9. Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa wrote a jetski.

    Cama, Mann, Vaem / MiamiPIXX / BACKGRID

    10. And gave a piggyback ride.

    Cama, Mann, Vaem / MiamiPIXX/Vaem/LVT Media / BACKGRID

    11. And also some other PDA.

    Cama, Vaem, Mann / MiamiPIXX/Vaem/LVT Media / BACKGRID

    12. Kate Middleton's bro James Middleton went for a jog.

    Lupa / BACKGRID

    13. Goldie Hawn was all bundled up.

    Ngre, Evga / NGRE / BACKGRID

    14. Emily Ratajkowski ate some pizza.

    Aris / BrosNYC / BACKGRID

    15. Jennifer Lopez carried around her bedazzled tumbler.

    Agny, Gice / Wagner AZ - Vasquez / BACKGRID

    16. And Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban went for a swim.

    Mtrx / MTRX / BACKGRID

    Sydney, AUSTRALIA - *EXCLUSIVE* - Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban hit the beach while enjoying a little couple time during their trip to her native Australia. The couple were seen going for an early swim and emerging from the water hand in hand before drying off and heading out to enjoy the rest of their day.

    Pictured: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban



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