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    Mindy Kaling's Opinion On 22 Random Things

    Also known as: The day Mindy Kaling learned what #eggplantfriday is.

    Mindy Kaling — author, star of The Mindy Project, and all around inspirational woman, dropped by BuzzFeed to give her opinion (which, let's be real, might be the only one that matters) on the following 22 things. Here's what she said.

    1. Feminist

    2. Meninist

    3. B.J. Novak

    4. Iggy Azalea

    5. When someone texts you "K"

    6. Selfie sticks

    7. Fifty Shades of Grey

    8. Promposals

    9. North West

    10. Freeganism

    11. Twitter feuds

    12. Not having a Facebook

    13. Fleek

    14. Having a full inbox

    15. Don Draper

    16. Poop emoji

    17. The Jinx

    18. Normcore

    19. 2016 election

    20. Ghosts

    21. Apologetic Justin Bieber

    22. #EggplantFriday

    The season finale of The Mindy Project airs tomorrow, March 24 at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.