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    Kate Middleton's Brother Actually Has The Best Life Out Of All The Middletons

    'Cause dogs.

    Obviously you know Kate Middleton. I mean, Duchess Catherine. She is, like, gonna be Queen (kinda) one day cause she's married to Prince William and his grandma is the Queenie.

    And you're probably familiar with Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister. She's pretty and rich and married to a nice-looking fella.

    And yes, it seems that their lives are perfect and great and that it can't get any better than being a royal or a rich person with an endless supply of cute dresses...but actually it can.

    Because they have a brother, James. Who kinda looks like Jude Law...

    But more importantly...has a lot of dogs!!

    And he takes those dogs for rides around the town.

    Like, this is his life!!

    No, this is THE life.

    The life that I desire!!!

    So yeah, Kate and Pippa have nice lives. But clearly James has the best one.

    The end!