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    Excuse Me But Cara Delevingne At The Royal Wedding Is Proof That God Is A Lesbian

    It's just science and facts.

    Over yonder in London town today, there was a Tier 2 royal wedding that took place. One of the Queen's other grandchildren, Princess Eugenie — who is the cousin to Prince William and Prince Harry — got married.

    And yah, I'm happy for them and think it's great and she looked beautiful and blah blah blah...

    But the real important thing here is Cara Delevingne at this wedding. Cause oh mylanta!!! I just got 12X gayer.

    Other phrases to express my current feelings are: Hot diggity dog!!! BAZINGA! Mammaaaaa mia! Zoinks! EUREKA! And, praise be, hallelujah, amen!

    I mean, SHE HAS NO RIGHT!!!

    JK, she has all the right.

    As ze French would say, zis is a lewk.

    Le suit.

    Le hat.

    Le toothpick in her mouth (lol, random, but hot).

    Writing this post has made me sweaty.

    In conclusion: God is not just a DJ, but also a lesbian, it's official!!!