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Everything Iggy Azalea's Hair Looked Like At The Grammys

A hairdo worth a thousand words.

Iggy Azalea showed up to the Grammys with this hair:


And the reaction was strong.

1. Moms were some of the first to realize her hair looked familiar...

2. It also looked like that lady from 50 First Dates:

3. A picnic basket:

4. Ramen:

5. A birds nest:

6. Further proven by this mock-up with a bird in it.

7. And also with the eggs of the bird who is living in it.

8. That lady from Shrek:

9. Julius Caeser:

10. A goat with horns:

11. Challah bread:

12. Princess Leia in this one scene:

13. These hats that everyone wears at frat parties:

14. A pokemon:

15. A delicious treat:


17. And a Scandinavian mom:

18. Tomorrow morning is a whole other story.

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