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    12 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Can you believe that website is free?

    1. Brie Larson proved her Ariana Grande knowledge.

    I know every word and every run don’t @ me

    2. And Ariana Grande heard it.

    3. Chrissy Teigen found her hamster.

    4. Billy Eichner confessed.

    Proud to say I got into Northwestern without the help of my mother, Laura Linney.

    5. Uzo Aduba proclaimed a winner.

    Let’s get clear about some thing: Peanut M&Ms are the most superior of the M&Ms. Always have been, always will be. #ISaidWhatISaid

    6. Wiz Khalifa took a stance on scooters.

    Y’all look wild on them scooters. Ok I’m out.

    7. Chris Evans ranked chips...

    The correct answer is: 1. Cool ranch 2. Cheetos 3. Nacho cheese Doritos 4. Fritos 5. BBQ lays 6. Original lays I will not be taking questions.

    8. ...but Octavia Spencer wasn't having it.

    @chrisevans dude? seriously?????? Now you know cheetos is top dawg!!!!

    9. Lindsay Lohan made a request.

    10. Katy Perry said hi.

    11. Mindy Kaling asked a simple but important question:

    Serious but boring question: How do you communicate to @waze that you do NOT want to take left onto a busy street during traffic without a stop light?

    12. And Mark Ruffalo gave us this totally, 100% real #TBT.

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