Celebrities Tweet Photos From The Olympics

Man, it would be fun to be there.

1. Bar Refaeli was at Michael Phelps’ 19th Medal race.

“@MichaelPhelps is WAY ahead! Goooo.”

I think I’ve died and reached heaven:)

“I think I’ve died and reached heaven:)”

4. Then she met up with Shaun White and the Phelps family.

“Celebrating with the Phelps’s….!!”

5. Ryan Seacrest ran into the USA gymnasts after their Gold Win.

“Look who I ran into in the hallway on my way to my NBC locker.”

6. Shaun White posed with Johnny Mac at a beach volleyball match.

7. Giada De Laurentiis did a cooking demo in London.

8. Mark Hoppus posed in front of Olympic Stadium.

9. Guiliana Rancic found Aly Raisman’s family.

10. Shawn Johnson cheered for the fab 5.

“Women’s Team Finals… I’ll keep you up to date. My stomach is turning”

11. Steve Aoki jumped in front of the the Birmingham Airport Olympics 2012 Watchtower.

12. Petra Nemcova posed on her way into Olympic Stadium.

13. Yoko Ono watched the opening ceremony.

“The start of London Olympics. The clouds were moving around. It was grand in a poetic way. Leave it to the British! yoko”

14. Bruce Jenner met fellow Olympian Shawn Johnson.

“Tiny and tall. Great talking to him!”

15. Stella McCartney watched swimming.

16. David Beckham met with team GB.

17. Chef Jamie Oliver posed at the Tower Bridge.

18. Lebron and Kobe getting ready for gold.

19. Boris Johnson, Mayer of London, got stuck on a zipline.

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