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11 Celebrities From The '90s Who Resurfaced In 2012

Whether for good or bad, these almost-forgotten celebrities fought the good fight and made their way into our pop-culture brains again.

1. James Van Der Beek

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

Dawson was just Dawson for every single year after the show ended up until this year, when he reemerged as THE James Van Der Beek on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. Also he got way hotter.

2. Sally Jesse Raphael

Have you SEEN Sally's Twitter account? The once popular talk show host resurfaced by tweeting amazing things all the time. Take note:

3. Danielle Fishel


Danielle made a major comeback after the announcement of a Boy Meets World sequel and that she'd be playing Topanga once more. Also she kind of just rocks and did a very funny bit where she played herself playing Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor for a segment on The Soup.

4. Ben Savage

Reasoning similar to Danielle's: because we heard there would be a Boy Meets World sequel, and he'll be in it.

5. Rider Strong


He's here for two reasons. 1) He rounds out the Boy Meets World group. 2) We all realized he was still hot.

6. Stacey Dash


Stacey Dash became a [kind of] household name again not because she was reprising her role as Dionne from Clueless (AS IF! We wish...) but because everyone found out she was voting for Mitt Romney in the presidential election, and she talked about it alllll the timeeee.

7. George Takei

He basically dominated social media in 2012, after joining Tumblr and being generally awesome. See below tweet.

8. Lark Voorhies

The once very pretty and very normal actress from Saved by the Bell made headlines when she was interviewed and we saw that she looked...different...and seemed...different.

9. Alex Mack aka Larisa Oleynik

She resurfaced on Mad Men and everyone was like, "Hey! Turn into a puddle!" Hahahaha. It was great.

10. The Spice Girls

LEON NEAL / Getty Images

The best girl group of all time reunited for the Olympics and it was spectacular and everyone got Spice Girls Fever again, which is like Bieber Fever but I changed the words.

11. Tupac

You know, cause he figuratively rose from the dead and was "alive" again.

Who was your favorite celebrity that resurfaced this year?