19 People You Totally Forgot Were On SNL

When it comes to Saturday Night Live you probably don’t think of these people.

1. David Koechner

Champ from Anchorman was on SNL for the 1995-1996 season. Whoda’ thunk it!

2. Randy Quaid

Another member of the 1986 season, Randy AKA Dennis’ bro was only on for one season.

3. Brian Doyle Murray

Bill Murray’s brother had a short stint on SNL during the 1981-82 season. Unlike Bill, he just didn’t stick. It’s okay because his little bro gave him work in Groundhogs Day some years later.

4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

She was on SNL for three years before leaving the show, and is tied with Abby Elliot as the youngest female cast member to ever be on the show. Sadly, she was never to be heard from again. JK, SEINFELD!

5. Jay Mohr

Had a short lived life on SNL and wrote all about it in “Gasping For Airtime.”

6. Siobhan Fallon

You know you know her from SOMEWHERE, but don’t know where. Well, it’s probably not from SNL, she was only on in from 1991-1992. She has played dozens of other small roles since then.

7. Paul Shaffer

YES. The same Paul Shaffer who is currently Dave Letterman’s house band leader was a featured player for one season in 1979.

8. Janeane Garofalo

Some might forget that she was on SNL for half a season in 1994. She left because she felt it was a “boys club” and after had plenty of success being her cool self.

9. Damon Wayans

He was a player in 1985, but was fired half way through the season.

10. Nancy Wall

AKA WIFE OF STEVE CARELL. She was a cast member for only one season, in 1995.

11. Rob Riggle

He was there with the all star cast of Fey, Poehler, Parnell, Armisen, and many more in 2004-2005. He left SNL after just one season without a trace.

12. Sarah Silverman

Hard to believe they didn’t want her to stick around for more than her less-than-a-full-season stint in 1993.

13. Ben Stiller

After being just a blip in SNL history (he was a player for three months in 1989) he went on — okay, I think we all know what he went on to do.

14. Peter Aykroyd

Another sibling of a legendary cast member, however this Aykroyd brother only lasted for less than a full season in 1979.

15. Joan Cusack

Another one season wonder. She joined the cast in 1985, but was let go in 1986. At least she can say she did it.

16. Gilbert Gottfried

Via ew.com

I know. Shocking.

17. Billy Crystal

Before he met Sally he was a featured player in the 1984-1985 season.

18. Anthony Michael Hall

This legendary member of the “brat pack” was only 17 when he was on SNL, in 1986.

19. Robert Downey Jr.

YES! He was in the 1986 season, but got fired towards the end. Now he’s Iron Man, so all is well in the world.

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