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10 Things You Don't Know About "Waterworld"

Did you guys see this movie!? Okay, so it ONLY came out last week, but here are some fun facts about it.

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1. The 1,000 ton floating set used up all the available steel in the Hawaiian Islands. When more was required, it had to be flown in from California.

2. The shoot was shut down 3 times due to hurricane alerts.

3. Gary Busey, Laurence Fishburne and Samuel L. Jackson turned down the role of Deacon.

4. Kevin Costner used $22 Million of his own money to fund the movie

5. The most remembered line from "Waterworld," "Dryland is not a myth; I have seen it," is never spoken in the actual movie.

6. Anna Paquin was the first choice to play Enola.

7. The Tattoo reads a latitude and longitude location, and in real life is where Mt. Everest is.

8. The sunken city is actually a digitally edited Denver, Colorado.

9. There were no bathrooms on set, if someone needed to go they had to be ferried to a barge near the shore.

Or I guess they could have just peed in the water?

Or I guess they could have just peed in the water?

10. The original screenplay by Peter Rader was pitched as an children's adventure film.

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