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27 Types Of Graffiti You Only See In Britain

From the polite to the profane, the UK's "finest" street art.

1. The weirdly cautious message of insurrection.

2. The customer complaint.

3. The admirably creative insult.

4. The gleeful invitation to serious injury.

5. The sexual brag.

6. The self-reflexive criticism.

7. The ironic apology.

8. The slightly unfair generalisation.

9. The emo cry for help.

10. The legitimately quite funny joke.

11. The shocking act of movie poster vandalism.

12. The smart subversion of corporate logos.

13. The cheekily doctored road sign.

14. The first-rate pun.

15. The kind-hearted display of community spirit.

16. The graffiti that refers to itself.

17. The reality check.

18. The London Underground sign-bomb.

19. The crude newspaper defacement.

20. The ingenious act of anthropomorphism.

21. The smart-arse rejoinder.

22. The below-the-belt jibe.

23. The harbinger of doom.

24. The needlessly courteous request.

25. The howl of anguish.

26. The eloquent political protest.

27. And of course, last but not least - the plaintive cock and balls.