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    44 Photos That Will Transport You Back To The '90s

    Can I be young again now, please?

    1. Tony Blair with Iman and David Bowie.

    2. Liam Gallagher with Robbie Williams at Glastonbury '95.

    3. Liam and Noel riding scooters.

    4. Take That wearing an awful lot of leather.

    5. Mark Owen wearing a waistcoat.

    6. Geri Halliwell "surfing the net".

    7. The Spice Girls with a Union Jack.

    8. TLC.

    9. Diana with William and Harry.

    10. Gazza and Teddy Sheringham at Euro '96.

    11. Damon Albarn and Phil Daniels playing football in England shirts.

    12. Damon Albarn drinking champagne with Bernard Butler and Justine Frischmann.

    13. Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon riding a Lambretta.

    14. Elastica, Radiohead and Suede on the cover of NME.

    15. Brett Anderson wearing a chemise made of paint.

    16. Thom Yorke with ginger hair.

    17. David Schwimmer and Helen Baxendale.

    18. The women of Twin Peaks.

    19. Anna Friel, Kate Moss and Courtney Love.

    20. Kate Moss and Johnny Depp.

    21. PJ Harvey, Bjork and Tori Amos in Q.

    22. Jarvis Cocker in a padded jacket.

    23. Jarvis Cocker getting hugged by a streaker while playing football.

    24. Jeff Buckley with a portable CD player.

    25. Kurt Cobain eating an ice lolly.

    26. Anthony Kiedis and Flea in drag.

    27. Slash on his wedding day.

    28. Axl Rose swimming with a dolphin.

    29. Prince squatting in a jump suit.

    30. Seal hugging a Samoyed.

    31. Geri Halliwell and Kylie Minogue arm-wrestling on TFI Friday.

    32. And then getting off with each other.

    33. Much to the amusement of Chris Evans.

    34. Billie Piper on Top Of The Pops.

    35. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, naked except for a pair of socks.

    36. Keith Flint brandishing a mouse for some reason.

    37. Marilyn Manson bothering some children.

    38. Kylie on the cover of Sky.

    39. B*Witched on the cover of Top Of The Pops.

    40. Ronan Keating on the cover of Smash Hits.

    41. Samantha Janus on the cover of FHM.

    42. Martine McCutcheon on the cover of Maxim.

    43. And David Bowie with a moustache, using a desktop computer.