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We Asked Germans How Much They Know About Britain

Germans don't know what Jaffa Cakes are? This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened between our two countries.

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I asked the staff of BuzzFeed Germany to answer a few general knowledge questions about Britain. It did not go well.


"The guy who is looking like the old Obi-Wan Kenobi."

Accurate, to be fair.


No, sadly Rowan Atkinson has never been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


"Definitely not Inspector Barney, but he would have deserved it."


"That guy that could be like the next James Bond."

Presumably this person means Idris Elba. Who would look fucking cool on a £10 note, it has to be said.


Check this badass out, casually showing off that he's heard of the Glorious Revolution.

"Sorry I don't remember, I guess I was not alive at that time."

Like that's an excuse.


"Looks like the young Maggie Thatcher is tasting something in the kitchen."

I can see why you'd think that, but no.

And here are the answers.


1. The leader of the opposition is Jeremy Corbyn.

2. The Prime Minister before David Cameron was Gordon Brown.

3. Charles Darwin is pictured on the £10 note.

4. The Great Fire of London took place in 1666.

5. That's Mary Berry, of Great British Bake Off fame.

6. Manchester is in the north west of England (see map below).

7. Those are Jaffa Cakes, obvs.

8. Greggs. It's a bakery chain. If you've not ruefully consumed a sausage and bean bake while dismally hungover, you've not truly experienced Britain.

And the results? / BBC

Not one person answered more than two questions correctly. Most people scored zero. Admittedly they did this while managing to write in perfect English. But still... zero.

Germany, we're not angry at you for not knowing much about Britain. Just disappointed. We thought we had a thing going.


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