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POLL: What Do You Think About The New Lightsaber In "Star Wars"?

It's got a crossguard, and people have thoughts on that.

There is a new Star Wars trailer, and there is a new light saber.

And the internet has feelings about it.

So the new lightsaber is totally brilliant and not silly. Are we going to need to fight about this?

Listen... I'm as happy as anyone else about the Star Wars trailer. But really with that lightsaber hilt?

That new lightsaber looks like a very good way to cut your own goddamn hand off, though. I mean, get it together, Dark Side.

If you think about it that lightsaber makes sense. The smaller blades protect the hands of the one wielding it. #TheForceAwakens

Look, right, this Sith can wield a six-foot broadsword of a lightsaber and use the Force. Pretty sure he can manage to *not* stab himself.

What we really need is a lightsaber with three lightsabers coming out of it, and three lightsabers coming out of the three lightsabers.

why don’t they make the whole Sith Lord out of lightsaber