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    20 Complete Series You Can Marathon Over The Holiday Weekend

    It's Christmas weekend, which means you have ample time to do some serious Netflix Instant watching. Here are 20 shows you can watch from start to finish -- and still have time to see your family.

    Minor Commitments

    Start one of these up, take a break for Christmas ham, and you'll still be able to finish the series before the food coma kicks in.

    1. Running Wilde

    2. Sordid Lives

    3. The 10th Kingdom

    4. The Inbetweeners

    A Full Day's Work

    You might need to take your meals on the couch, but think of the satisfaction you'll feel when you complete these series in one butt-numbing sitting.

    5. Better Off Ted

    6. Kidnapped

    7. Terra Nova

    8. The Black Donnellys

    Losing Some Sleep

    At this point, you're staying up until the wee hours of the morning. It doesn't matter: you can sleep in tomorrow.

    9. The Sarah Silverman Program

    10. Melrose Place 2.0

    11. Caprica

    12. Slings & Arrows

    Putting in the Long Hours

    You could theoretically pull these off in one sitting, but I don't necessarily recommend it. On the other hand, YOLO?

    13. The Riches

    14. Sports Night

    15. Dirty Sexy Money

    16. Dirt

    Two Days on the Couch

    Screw it. Grab a bucket of ice cream. Put on your Snuggie. You didn't want to see your family anyway, right?

    17. United States of Tara

    18. Dollhouse

    19. Peep Show

    20. Home Movies