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    21 Tweets About Fast Food Restaurants In The '90s And '00s That Prove How Different They Used To Be

    Never forget "yellow Wendy's."

    The other day, "Yellow Wendy's" started trending on Twitter when user @onapowertrip shared throwback photos of the fast food restaurant in the '90s:

    Soon enough, people started sharing photos of memorable menu items, food packaging, and restaurant decor from popular fast food chains like McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut in the 2000s, 1990s, and before — and the nostalgia got pretty real.

    Here are some of the most fascinating throwback tweets that might just transport you back in time:

    1. Sure, Wendy's had yellow packaging, but apparently, '90s Subway had yellow...everything:

    People are talking about Yellow Wendy’s, but not mentioning early 90’s Subway, complete with yellow furniture and newspaper wallpaper...about subways.

    2. Wendy's also had yellow napkins and round dipping sauces:

    Take me back to when the Wendy’s dipping sauces were round and the napkins were yellow.

    3. '90s Pizza Hut had a very specific aesthetic:

    Y’all talking about yellow Wendy’s but I’m here for that 90s Pizza Hut aesthetic

    4. '90s Taco Bell was retro AS HECK:

    Everyone is talking about yellow Wendy's, but I miss 90's Taco Bell.

    5. Some McDonald's looked like theme parks:

    yellow wendy’s? i remember when my local mcdonalds looked like this 😔

    6. And '80s McDonald's was simply unforgettable:

    Yellow Wendy’s is trending but I grew up on 80s McDonald’s 🍟

    7. Let's not forget the McDLT — which was discontinued in the '90s:

    I see your yellow Wendy's and raise you the McDLT with double the styrofoam packaging to keep the cool side cool and the hot side hot 🔥

    8. Little Caesar's had some memorable paper wrapping:

    Yellow Wendy’s is cute but I’m Little Caesars pizza pizza in a paper wrapper on Friday nights old

    9. Taco Bell and McDonald's packaging looked like this at some point:

    Oh yellow Wendy’s huh? Yea well I remember...oh god I’m old

    10. Big Macs came in Styrofoam boxes that looked like this:

    Yellow Wendy's hell, I'm this old...

    11. McDonald's had Nintendo 64s:

    Nah fuck yellow Wendy’s. Y’all remember when McDonald’s had N64s?

    12. Four words: BURGER KING KIDS CLUB:

    Burger King Kids Club tops yellow Wendy’s

    13. Taco Bell had monster eyeball straws:

    Sure there used to be yellow wendy s but Im nostalic for those Taco Bell monster eyeball straws they offered when i was a kid.

    14. McDonald's had chairs that featured characters like those little hamburgers and Grimace — and they made birthday parties a blast:

    Yellow Wendy’s memories are awesome but the coolest Birthday 🥳 Parties were at McDonalds...

    15. And in the '80s, you could get a birthday plate:

    Yellow Wendy’s was cool but McDonalds birthday plate from the 80s was 🔥🔥

    16. Pizza Hut had a really big pizza:

    Yellow Wendy's was definitely legit But this Pizza hut item and packaging changed my life.

    17. Roy Rogers had iconic ads:

    Man fuck Yellow Wendy’s.. if you ever had Roy Rogers

    18. Many fast food places gave out glass cups. Here are McDonald's Shrek glasses:

    fuck yellow wendy's, y'all remember when mcdonald's gave out these?

    19. '70s Burger King's Star Wars glasses:

    I remember yellow Wendy’s and I also remember 1977 Burger King Star Wars glasses!

    20. And McDonald's Batman glasses:

    My only contribution to today's "Yellow Wendy's" burst of fast food nostalgia is that my parents still have all four of these.

    21. Lastly — and still speaking of McDonald's — they also had these Happy Meal cookies that every kid wanted:

    Y'all remember Yellow Wendy's but how many of you are these-fun-little-cookies-in-Happy-Meals years old?

    Do you remember any of these fast food relics? Let me know in the comments below!