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    16 Discontinued Fast Food Dishes That Just Didn't Make The Cut

    RIP Pickle-O's.

    1. The Seafood Salad from Taco Bell

    2. The McDLT from McDonald's

    3. Onion Nuggets from McDonald's

    4. The Hula Burger from McDonald's

    5. The Whopperito from Burger King

    6. The Double Down from KFC

    7. The Bell Beefer from Taco Bell

    8. McPasta from McDonald's

    9. The Waffle Taco from Taco Bell

    10. The Biscuit Taco from Taco Bell

    11. Pickle-O's from Sonic Drive-In

    12. The Breeze from Dairy Queen

    13. The McHot Dog from McDonald's

    14. Mighty Wings from McDonald's

    15. The McLean Deluxe from McDonald's

    16. Finally, the Bacon Sundae from Burger King