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    People Are Sharing Online Dating Bios That Are An Immediate Turnoff, And Whew, Prepare To Take Notes

    "Looking for a woman who can hold a conversation."

    With quarantine life™ being a thing this past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been turning to online dating as a way to meet new people.

    But there are some clichés people are sick and tired of seeing on dating app profiles…

    So, recently, redditor u/SXC365 posed what's honestly a very intriguing question: "You're online dating and read someone's bio, what’s an immediate turnoff?"

    Fellow Reddit users shared examples of common bios they've encountered that — according to them — are an instant no-no. Here are the results:

    1. "Having no bio at all. I won't match with you because I don’t know how to start the conversation."


    "'Likes: Ask me 😏. Dislikes: Ask me 😏. Work: Ask me 😏.'"


    2. "Having literally no personal information about themselves besides their name, age, and a half dozen emojis. Please, ma'am/sir, I would like to know who you are besides what your body looks like."


    3. "When they have requirements like height, weight, and so on."


    4. "Overused The Office quotes. I like the show, too, but you're not unique."


    "When your entire profile is TV show quotes — but especially if it's a show that's incredibly popular. You're not interesting or unique for quoting Michael Scott."


    5. "'Don't waste my time.'"


    "Says a lot about someone when they sound irritated before they even talk to you lol."


    6. "'A woman who can hold a conversation.' Pretty low bar, and in my opinion, a sign they might have really negative views of women's intellect. Most people can hold a conversation once the right person comes along; usually, no conversation is just incompatibility."


    7. "When their bio displays their toxic behavior, and they use it to challenge you to change them/convince them to be better."


    "I had a guy tell me he didn’t think love was real right off the bat and that I should convince him it was. Like no, I don’t think so."


    8. "When they're flipping off the camera. WHY? Why are you flipping me off?"


    9. "Someone that goes into a rant about what kind of person they don't want. Bitter and gross."


    "If it starts with 'Don't message me if...' you should really just stop reading and heed the advice."


    10. "'I don't like drama.' I guarantee it's not the people around you causing the drama."


    11. "'My profile is wrong. I'm actually [age].'"

    "Every single time I've seen that, the profile age is older than their actual age. This means that at some point in the past, they've lied about their age for something related to a dating site. No thanks."


    12. "Not a strict dealbreaker, but clichés like 'fluent in sarcasm,' 'looking for a partner in crime,' 'I like adventures and laughing with my friends,' and the like are irritating. Some originality goes a long way."


    13. "Poor grammar. It probably sounds a bit petty of me, but if someone uses 'to' instead of 'too' or 'their' instead of 'there,' it's a non-starter for me."


    14. "I get worried when 'honest' and 'keep it real' and 'don’t be fake' all show up in a bio. I catch a whiff of trust issues, and those can sometimes manifest in dangerous ways."


    15. "'No [insert race/ethnicity] here. Sorry, it's just a preference.'"


    16. "Not just for dating but in general: Anyone who says in their bio: 'University of Life' or 'School of Hard Knocks.'"


    And finally:

    17. "Height, followed with a 'not that that matters,' or a 'in case you were wondering.' UGH."


    "'6'1 'cause apparently that matters.' You know what you’re doing."


    You can read the full thread here.

    What online dating bios are an immediate turnoff for you? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.