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    This Timothée Chalamet Dancing Scene Has Been Trending On TikTok, And It’s A Complete Masterpiece

    Fanciest thing I've ever seen.

    First, allow me to reintroduce you to Timothée Chalamet.

    Timothée's an actor, known for his roles in movies like Interstellar, Little Women, and Call Me by Your Name. He's been admired by fans for quite some time, but recently, TikTokers have taken swooning to a whole new level.

    In a trend known as the Timmy Challenge, TikTok users have taken this popular dance scene from CMBYN and added slow motion, a sparkle effect, and a few seconds of Melanie Martinez’s song “Play Date” — making the scene go from this:

    To this:


    i made this for quinn and quinn only @diarrheaquinn (ib @sandy.0234) #timotheechalamet #timothée #fyp #foryou #callmebyyourname #cmbyn #elioperlman

    ♬ timmy trend - sandy.0234

    What was once an awkward dance scene is now a dreamy work of art, and it's been trending for like two weeks now. But I get it — just look at those moves:

    That face. Those sparkles:

    The music. The mood. I mean, Timothée Chalam— EXCUSE me!!!

    And it doesn't stop there: People are making their own TikToks featuring other celebrity crushes. TikTok user @sandy.0234 — who inspired the trend — made this edit of Timothée, Tom Holland, Harry Styles, and Dylan O'Brien:

    Now here's one of Leonardo DiCaprio:

    And one of Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and others:


    I wanted to participate in the trend 😋 hehehe (ib: @sandy.0234)

    ♬ timmy trend - sandy.0234

    Of course, several TikTok users have beautifully re-created Timothée's dance for themselves — blue polo and all:


    No hate, I think they’re cool hahaha

    ♬ timmy trend - sandy.0234

    And it can be used in any situation:

    Is it a new dance challenge? A meme? Whatever it is, it's a masterpiece:

    So, here's Timothée Chalamet's dance one more time — in case you wanted to replay it:


    i made this for quinn and quinn only @diarrheaquinn (ib @sandy.0234) #timotheechalamet #timothée #fyp #foryou #callmebyyourname #cmbyn #elioperlman

    ♬ timmy trend - sandy.0234

    I get it, TikTok. I get it.