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12 Actors Who Are Allegedly A “Nightmare” To Work With, And 11 Actors Who Are An Absolute Delight

Happy to report that Paul Rudd is, indeed, still an actual treasure.

1. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show


close up of Mike

3. ACTUALLY NICE: Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons

4. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Teri Hatcher

close up of Teri smiling

5. ACTUALLY NICE: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

close up of Dwayne smiling

6. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Christian Bale

close up of Christian smiling

7. ACTUALLY NICE: Meryl Streep


8. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Thomas Gibson


9. ACTUALLY NICE: Jennifer Lawrence


10. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Chevy Chase

chevy chase

11. ACTUALLY NICE: Hugh Jackman

hugh smiling

12. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Bruce Willis

bruce smiling

13. ACTUALLY NICE: Drew Barrymore

drew smiling

14. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Lea Michele

lea smiling

15. ACTUALLY NICE: Adam Sandler

close up of adam

16. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Bill Murray

close up of bill

17. ACTUALLY NICE: Tom Hanks

close up of tom

18. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Julia Roberts

julia smiling

19. ACTUALLY NICE: Sterling K. Brown

sterling smiling

20. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Edward Norton

edward smiling

21. ACTUALLY NICE: Keanu Reeves


22. REPORTEDLY RUDE: Jennifer Lopez

j.lo holding an award

And finally...

23. ACTUALLY NICE: Paul Rudd

paul smiling

Did any of these experiences surprise you? Which actors would you add to either list? Let us know in the comments below!