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Millennials Are Calling Out Gen Z Trends That Are Actually Toxic, And I'm Curious If You Agree

I wanna know what you REALLY think about Gen Z.

A while back, we wrote a post where millennials on Twitter called out the most "toxic" things Gen Z'ers do.

Now, it's YOUR turn to weigh in. Below is a list of opinions about Gen Z based on their tweets, and all you have to do is vote on whether you agree or disagree with them. Ready?

1. Gen Z'ers believe almost everything they see online:

gen z making fun of their parents for believing everything they see on facebook when they do the exact same shit just with different form of social media 😭

Twitter: @cinnabunbimbo

2. Gen Z'ers have the WORST dating culture:

The dating culture in gen z sucks. Don’t feel like it’s working? Ghost. Wanna meet? Swipe right. Need to say smthng uncomfy? Text. Bored? Fubu WE DESERVE REAL LIFE CONNECTION.

Twitter: @LeetongMikaela

3. Gen Z'ers are overly preoccupied with making fun of millennials:

I heard Gen Z is making fun of millennials on TIKTOK for wearing skinny jeans. You just found out what Jordan’s are. Let’s all just calm down.

Twitter: @L1LDebbie

4. Gen Z'ers just steal trends from other people:

gen z has no personality they just steal everyone else’s

Twitter: @adamtyIer

5. Gen Z'ers romanticize everything — and need to stop:

okay but why do we (gen z ) make everything a fucking aesthetic, like I just saw a lawyer aesthetic video that glamorizes the life of a lawyer, y'all realize that being a lawyer isn't just ✨old libraries, and ✨a fancy outfit

Twitter: @whoscountingrep

6. Gen Z'ers believe millennials actually care what they think:

my thing with "Gen Z thinks these Millennial styles/behaviors/whatever aren't cool!!" is that I don't fucking care

Twitter: @femmina

7. Gen Z'ers need to stop thinking anyone over 30 is old:

Gen Z needs to stop calling folks in their 30s and 40s old.

Twitter: @MR_STiXX

8. Gen Z'ers just bully everyone:

@mlnchlyhill @tubbirfess most of gen z be like “mental health is important” but then ✨b u l l y i n g ✨

Twitter: @faytheday

9. Gen Z'ers are overly aggressive and hypersensitive:

how is Gen Z aggressive yet hypersensitive at the same time?

Twitter: @Hibzster

10. Gen Z'ers are on their phones too much:

Millennials hanging out VS Gen Z hanging out.

Shutterstock / Twitter: @jaysonrogue

11. And finally, most Gen Z trends are ridiculous:

@last__lane @bacardichaserss @obviousluca @P0SITIONZ Who’s gonna tell her that gen z “edginess” is eating tide pods

Twitter: @darealalexis_

Welp! What do you think of these opinions? Let us know in the comments below.