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Millennials Are Calling Out "Toxic" Gen Z Trends, And My Jaw Has Officially Hit The Floor

"Gen Z needs to stop romanticizing everything."

Gen Z might be known for roasting millennials and baby boomers, but the internet has a lot to say when it comes to Gen Z culture. So here are just some "toxic" Gen Z things people are calling out:

1. Apparently, believing a lot of things they see online:

gen z making fun of their parents for believing everything they see on facebook when they do the exact same shit just with different form of social media 😭

Twitter: @cinnabunbimbo

2. Dating like this:

The dating culture in gen z sucks. Don’t feel like it’s working? Ghost. Wanna meet? Swipe right. Need to say smthng uncomfy? Text. Bored? Fubu WE DESERVE REAL LIFE CONNECTION.

Twitter: @LeetongMikaela

3. Taking a lot from AAVE (African American Vernacular English) and calling it "Gen Z slang":

i don’t understand when white gen z say that aave is “gen z language” when ja’bria and the rest of them kids in those videos y’all like so much speak like that when they’re 5. you 18 and just learning about the word “finna.” y’all are not the same.

Twitter: @laymagdalene

4. Being preoccupied with what millennials are doing:

I heard Gen Z is making fun of millennials on TIKTOK for wearing skinny jeans. You just found out what Jordan’s are. Let’s all just calm down.

Twitter: @L1LDebbie

5. ...especially when millennials invented a lot of their favorite things:

Not gen z making fun of millennials on apps created by millennials

Twitter: @MacDoesIt

6. Stealing things from others:

gen z has no personality they just steal everyone else’s

Twitter: @adamtyIer

7. Romanticizing everything:

okay but why do we (gen z ) make everything a fucking aesthetic, like I just saw a lawyer aesthetic video that glamorizes the life of a lawyer, y'all realize that being a lawyer isn't just ✨old libraries, and ✨a fancy outfit

Twitter: @whoscountingrep

8. ...including mental illness:

gen z loves to romanticize mental illness until it’s the ugly side of mental illness and it’s fucking gross honestly

Twitter: @valsmantis

9. ...and social justice issues:

this gen z revolution thing is being very much romanticised. it’s not quirky or fun to have to protest for basic human rights. it’s horrifying to realise you live in a country where the gov doesn’t give a toss about you. there are literal genocides happening. stop using these-

Twitter: @spideykayla

10. Thinking millennials care what they think:

my thing with "Gen Z thinks these Millennial styles/behaviors/whatever aren't cool!!" is that I don't fucking care

Twitter: @femmina

11. Thinking everyone is old:

Gen Z needs to stop calling folks in their 30s and 40s old.

Twitter: @MR_STiXX

12. Advocating for mental health but...:

@mlnchlyhill @tubbirfess most of gen z be like “mental health is important” but then ✨b u l l y i n g ✨

Twitter: @faytheday

13. Being aggressive:

how is Gen Z aggressive yet hypersensitive at the same time?

Twitter: @Hibzster

14. Always being on their phones:

Millennials hanging out VS Gen Z hanging out.

Twitter: @jaysonrogue / Shutterstock

15. And finally, coming up with dangerous trends:

@last__lane @bacardichaserss @obviousluca @P0SITIONZ Who’s gonna tell her that gen z “edginess” is eating tide pods

Twitter: @darealalexis_

YIKES. Do you agree with these? Let us know in the comments below.