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We Gave Kevin Hart And Ice Cube The BFF Test And It Was Hilarious AF

Q: What is Kevin's favorite snack at craft services? A: Cocaine

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Ride Along 2 stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have been friends for years, so we decided to see how well the comedians REALLY know each other by giving them our rigorous BFF Test. As you could imagine, their answers were hilarious AF.

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1. What is the first thing Kevin thought when meeting Ice Cube?


Kevin: Amazing moment.

Ice Cube: He's the shit!!!

2. What is the first thing Ice Cube thought when meeting Kevin?


Kevin: This guy is a superstar.

Ice Cube: I thought I was meeting Gary Coleman.

3. What is Kevin's favorite snack from craft services?


Kevin: Chicken wings

Ice Cube: Cocaine

4. What food does Ice Cube hate the most?


Kevin: Fruits

Ice Cube: Liver

Kevin: I've never seen him eat fruits, ever! I've never seen you eat anything remotely healthy.

5. What is Kevin's biggest pet peeve?


Kevin: People touching my face.

Ice Cube: Sandles, ugly feet

6. What is Kevin most likely doing when he's not on set?


Kevin: Fucking

Ice Cube: Snorting cocaine

7. What TV show is Ice Cube's guilty pleasure?


Kevin: Days of Our Lives

Ice Cube: Locked Up Abroad

8. What is Kevin's secret talent?


Kevin: Modeling

Ice Cube: Sucking dick

Catch Kevin and Ice Cube in their latest film, Ride Along 2, now in theaters.

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