17 TV Shows And Movies That Just Straight Up Forgot How Aging Worked

    I feel like it shouldn't be this confusing.

    TV shows and movies are always getting real confused about ages — which mostly translates to casting 22-year-olds as middle-aged moms, or 27-year-olds as teenagers.

    Jackson as a 27-year-old teenager on Hannah Montana

    But sometimes they get tripped up in their actual characters' ages, with characters aging super fast, super slow, not at all, or even ending up younger than they started.

    Here are 17 times TV shows and movies just got character ages/aging all kinds of messed up!

    1. Wendy ages super slowly in the Peter Pan films.

    Wendy as a kid, then 40 years later with a young son

    2. And the Beast also seems to age super slowly in Beauty and the Beast.

    The Beast in a photo before his transformation and then right after, 10 years later, at age 21

    3. Forrest doesn't seem to change appearance in Forrest Gump, despite his mother and Jenny aging.

    Forrest as a teenager, then 20 years later

    4. Lily Collins stated that Emily was supposed to be around 22 in Emily in Paris, meaning that A) she was only 9 when Gossip Girl, her and her friends' "favorite show," began airing, and B) she somehow skipped years of work experience to get the job she had.

    Emily saying "My friends and I were obsessed with 'Gossip Girl'"

    5. Belle went from 5 to 15 in just a year on Days of Our Lives.

    Belle as a baby then a year later as a teenager

    6. P.T.'s daughters don't seem to age at all in The Greatest Showman.

    P.T.'s daughters a few minutes into the film then at the end, many years later, looking the same

    7. In Revenge, Sammy is given to a 9-year-old Emily as a puppy. But then Jack still has him almost 20 years later, and he seems perfectly healthy!

    8. Also on Friends: Joey turns 31 before Rachel even turns 30, even though Joey was established from the start as the youngest of the group.

    All the friends at Rachel's 30th birthday

    9. Dumbledore appears decades older than the Jude Law version in a flashback from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

    Is teaching at Hogwarts that stressful?!😭

    Twitter: @TheHPfacts

    Dumbledore visits Tom Riddle's orphanage in 1937, just 10 years after the events of the second Fantastic Beasts film, where he's played by Jude Law. As you can see above, it seems like a *bit* more than 10 years have passed.

    10. Obi-Wan Kenobi turns from a young thirtysomething into an old man over 19 years in Star Wars.

    11. Howard Stark barely seems to age over almost 30 years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Howard Stark in 1942 and not much older in 1970

    12. And neither does Peggy Carter, as seen in the minimal difference between her in Captain America: The First Avenger and in the time travel scene in Avengers: Endgame.

    Peggy in 1942 and not much older in 1970

    13. In Les Misérables, Cosette is just a little kid in 1823, but nine years later she's a fully grown adult.

    14. In Harry Potter, James and Lily appear to be middle-aged every time we see them (such as in the Mirror of Erised, in the photo book Hagrid gives Harry, and in the Forbidden Forest), despite having died at age 21.

    Harry seeing his parents in the mirror

    15. And Snape, Lupin, and Sirius are way too old to have gone to school with Lily and James.

    16. Almost directly after Jo and Alaric's twins are born in The Vampire Diaries, there is a three-year time jump. However, after the time jump, the twins appear to be at least 6.

    Caroline's twins at age 6

    17. And finally, Kaitlin Cooper completely disappears after the first season of The O.C., only to return in Season 3 much older.

    Kaitlyn as a kid and then a teenager just a year later

    Are there any examples that always annoy or confuse you? Let us know in the comments!