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24 Times Movies And TV Shows Just Completely Ignored Their Own Timelines

It's not that hard to make a character pregnant for nine months, people!

A while back, I did a post on TV shows and movies ignoring their own timelines, and oh boy, did the commenters have some more examples. Here are 24 times TV shows and movies completely rewrote their timelines and it made no damn sense!


1. In The Office, when the show originally stated that Jim had started before Pam, then switched it:

Jim tells Pam he told Michael he had a crush on her when she first started, then seasons later Jim says "Do you remember what you said to me on my first day?"

2. In Friends, when Phoebe went from not being pregnant to being super pregnant over the span of six weeks:

3. In Harry Potter, when Snape was middle-aged, even though he should've been in his early thirties if he was the same age as James and Lily:

Snape in the first film

4. In Reign, when Francis's little brothers aged really fast:

Henri and Charles as kids in season 1, then Charles as a full adult in Season 3 and Henri as an adult in Season 4

5. In Community, when Shirley was only pregnant for six months:

Shirley realizing she's pregnant around Halloween because Ahbed says she was ovulating then, then giving birth in May

6. In Teen Wolf, when they kept changing when the fire happened, and getting confused on the characters' ages:

Stiles tells Scott Derek's family died in a fire 10 years ago, and then in a later episode Derek says it was 6 years ago

7. In Beverly Hills, 90210, when they had a junior year twice:

the characters starting their junior years in Season 1 and 2

8. In Days of Our Lives, when Belle went from 5 to 15 super fast:

Belle as a toddler and a teenager a year later

9. In Gossip Girl, when Rufus and Lily seemed to meet AFTER Dan and Serena were born despite having a child together who's older than Dan and Serena:

Rufus and Lily

10. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Amy seems to be pregnant for over nine months:

Amy heavily pregnant at Halloween in a pumpkin costume, then giving birth at least 6 months later

11. In Pretty Little Liars, when they kept changing when Toby's mom died:

Toby sees his mom when he's a teenager, but then a flashback establishes his mom died when he was a kid

12. In M*A*S*H, when the characters were supposedly fighting in the war longer than the actual war went on:

photo of the cast of M*A*S*H

13. In Sex and the City, when Aiden met someone new, got married, and had a baby in a year and a half:

Carrie sees Aiden with a baby

14. In Friends, when Rachel was pregnant for over a year:

Rachel discovers she's pregnant at Monica and Chandler's wedding in May,  then is super pregnant on Valentine's day, and gives birth in April

15. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Hitchcock and Scully looked vastly younger in the '80s than they did in the '70s:

Hitchcock and Scully looking similar to the present-day in the '70s and then as hot young cops in the '80s

16. In Pan, when it seemed to be set AFTER Peter Pan despite being a prequel:

Peter, Wendy, and her brothers in the Disney Peter Pan in the early 1900s, and Blackbeard and Pan in the prequel in the 1930s

17. In Black Panther, when Steve and Bucky *should* have been in Wakanda for the events of the film:

Bucky walks out of a tent and sees Shuri

18. In The Greatest Showman, when years went by and P.T.’s kids never got older:

P.T.'s daughters at the same age at the start and end of the film

19. In the Big Bang Theory, when the timeline of neither of Bernadette's pregnancies made sense:

Bernadette says "We'll find another time to tell him I'm pregnant" on Valentine's day, then gives birth on December 15

20. In Outlander, when Marsali and Fergus's baby aged super fast:

Marsali and Fergus with their two kids at Brianna's wedding

21. In Bones, when Daisy got very pregnant, very fast:

Daisy walking in super pregnant saying "Agent Booth!"

22. In Twilight, when Carlisle and Esme looked much older than they were suppsoed to:

Carlisle and Esme at Bella's wedding

23. In Modern Family, when Lily seems to be older than Jay and Gloria's marriage, despite them having been married when Cam and Mitch adopted Lily:

Jay telling Gloria these have been the best 10 years of his life, and then a picture of Lilly with an arrow and the words "12 years old?"

24. And finally, everything about That '70s Show, but especially when there were five Christmas episodes over 4 years:

screenshots from the Christmas episodes in Seasons 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.