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    I Binged Then Ranked Every Kevin Hart Stand Up Special

    A ranking of every Kevin Hart stand-up special to date.

    Superstar comedian Kevin Hart has reached the pinnacle of his career, having stellar success in film, television, stand-up, and more.

    Kevin Hart at movie premiere.

    7. What Now? (2016)

    6. Zero F**ks Given (2020)

    Snapshot from Kevin Harts "Zero F**ks Given."

    5. Irresponsible (2019)

    Kevin Hart close up from "Irresponsible."

    4. Let Me Explain (2013)

    3. Laugh At My Pain (2011)

    2. I'm a Grown Little Man (2009)

    1. Seriously Funny (2010)

    Let me know your ranking of Kevin Hart's specials in the comments!

    Kevin Hart face shot.