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    12 Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrities Supporting Red Nose Day

    Paul Rudd, Mindy Kaling, Orlando Bloom, and more!

    Hollywood's famous faces will be joining forces once again for NBC's annual star-studded televised charity event, The Red Nose Day Special. YAASSS!

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    The purpose of the special is to help raise awareness and money for kids in need here at home and all around the world. #WIN. On Red Nose Day (May 25th), millions of Americans will come together and wear the iconic Red Nose to celebrate the cause. Plus, who doesn't wanna wear a big red nose?!?!

    Here are a few stars who will be joining in on the fun:

    1. Paul Rudd

    Yoon S. Byun

    2. Mindy Kaling

    Jay Lafayette / NBC

    3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Maarten de Boer / NBC

    4. Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls

    Ben Simms / NBC

    5. Orlando Bloom

    Chris Haston / NBC

    6. Sophia Bush

    Maarten de Boer / NBC

    7. Jack Black

    Chris Haston / NBC

    8. Jane Lynch

    Maarten de Boer / NBC

    9. The cast of This is Us

    Virginia Sherwood / NBC

    10. Ben Feldman

    Maarten de Boer / NBC

    11. Peter Mensah and Arielle Kebbel

    Daniel Cristol / NBC

    12. Jaimie Alexander

    Maarten de Boer / NBC

    The Red Nose Day Special airs Thursday, May 25 at 10 p.m. on NBC!