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    Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Play With Puppies While Answering Your Most Burning Fan Questions

    "I love Bill Nye the Science Guy! For real, he is sexy. Lemme tell you."

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    With a projected billion-dollar empire under her belt and a whopping 96.5 million followers on Instagram, Kylie Jenner has proven to be one of Hollywood's most influential millennials. The lip kit queen (who turned 20 years old just yesterday) sat down with her BFF Jordyn Woods and some adorable puppies to answer YOUR most burning questions about fame, family, her new reality show, and...Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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    What are you most excited for people to see on Life of Kylie?


    Kylie Jenner: The show is pretty much a long Snapchat story β€” it's just really a different side of us, my personal side, and I'm just excited for people to see that!

    How did you two become best friends?

    KJ: Me and Jordyn met through mutual friends.

    Jordyn Woods: One day I got a phone call from one of my friends and they were like, "Yeah, come over to Kylie's house. We all wanna hang out!"

    KJ: She put her name in my phone and we just got closer and closer throughout the years and realized all we need is each other, and now we're our only friend.

    What are you looking forward to the most about being in your twenties?


    KJ: Probably turning 21 β€” I feel like that's fun. You know, I've never had a drink before so I just wanna know what it's like!

    Any memorable stories from high school?

    KJ: We used to Segway everywhere β€”Β I mean everywhere β€” when we didn't have our license. Like, we would Segway outside of the community [for] miles and miles to the mall.

    Who is your favorite Kardashian/Jenner sister right now?


    KJ: I'm gonna say Kim. I feel like I go to different sisters for different problems, and right now me and Kim have just been relating a lot and talking. Honestly, it changes every day so tomorrow it'll probably be somebody new, but Kim right now is my fave.

    JW: I think Kendall would be mad at me if I didn't say Kendall, so I'm gonna go with Kendall!

    If you could do one normal thing for a day and not be recognized, what would you do?

    KJ: [To Jordyn] What do you think? Amusement park?

    JW: Get a puppy.

    KJ: Really everything I can't do, so I would love to just go have lunch and maybe shop.

    Who are your celebrity crushes?


    JW: Bill Nye.

    KJ: I love Bill Nye the Science Guy! For real, he is sexy, lemme tell you.

    JW: He's very daddy. I'm very into it.

    KJ: If I had to say someone else, probably... No. It's only Bill Nye. We tried to take a picture with him once...

    JW: I saw him walking down the street.

    KJ: And he said no. I totally understand when you just wanna say no, but, like, we were really upset.

    Who are your style icons?

    KJ: Kendall's killing it. Bella Hadid is killing it. Kim... Just pretty much my friends and family [are who] I look at for style.

    JW: For me, I find style inspo from random things, like people walking down the street or anyone on Instagram where I'm like, Oh, they're cool. I wanna wear my thing like this too. I wouldn't say there's one person in particular for me.

    What's the craziest story you've ever read about yourself?


    KJ: I literally read crazy things about me like, all day every day, so I can't really think of everything specifically. Probably just that I'm getting married all the time, or, I don't know! I read too many things that I can't keep track.

    Kylie, what inspired you to start Kylie Cosmetics?

    KJ: I would always overline my lips when I was like, 16, and all my fans would be like, "What color are you wearing?!" That's all my comments section would say, like, "What lipstick color are you wearing?" So I just thought, Why not make my own?

    What makeup or cosmetic product can you not live without?


    JW: Lash extensions and moisturizer. I cannot live without lotion.

    KJ: I can't live without lipstick. If I forget the lipstick at home, it's the one thing I will turn around for.

    What reality shows do you watch besides Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

    KJ: Reality shows? I really only watch Keeping Up, or Life of Kylie has kept me entertained. I do binge-watch a lot of other shows like The Handmaid's Tale. I'm always trying to find new shows.

    What is your skin care routine?


    KJ: I really try hard to take my makeup completely off. I need to get every inch of my face, I need to clean my lashes. I put on sunscreen every morning. I can't wear a lot of moisturizer because it breaks my face out, unfortunately.

    What's the biggest misconception people have about you?

    JW: I don't know what people think about us because I tend to not look at it!

    KJ: Just, a lot. I feel like people have it all wrong sometimes.

    JW: I think they have almost everything wrong.

    KJ: Everything!

    JW: Except for your love of cosmetics.

    Kylie, how did you find Kim's $75,000 earring at the bottom of the ocean in Bora Bora back in 2011?


    KJ: It was pretty deep, but there [weren't] a lot of waves and Kim kind of, like, threw a tantrum immediately when she found out that she lost it and I was like, "No. This is fine!" I went under there and it was saltwater so it kind of hurt to open my eyes, but I just opened my eyes and looked around and I saw something shining. Swam all the way down there β€” it was like 10 feet β€” picked it up, and it was the shining diamond! I literally found it in two minutes.

    JW: I think you have a future career.

    KJ: Then [Kim] was like, "You know, I don't have my backing but it's fine. I can always get that." And I was like, I'm just gonna look! So I went back down and I found the backing. I found the earring backing! She was like, "You are just..."

    JW: Future career, I'm telling you.

    KJ: Diamond finder!

    JW: Dive team!

    Catch Kylie and Jordyn on Life of Kylie every Sunday at 9 p.m. on E!. And to adopt an adorable pup like these, head to Vanderpump Dogs for more info!

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