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    Calling All Sports Fans

    It is time to prove yourself.

    Hey, sports fans, did you know anyone can sign up and post on BuzzFeed?

    This is your chance to prove you are the ultimate fan.

    Always had a burning desire to tell everyone why your team is the best team?

    Or have a new love for a team because they are just so great?

    Or maybe your favorite player's greatness simply speaks for itself.


    Or maybe you would like to use BuzzFeed to speak to him or her? Up to you.

    Tell us, why is your team or favorite player the best there ever was?

    Post about it in BuzzFeed's community!

    Remember, this is not just about professional sports, college sports are important too.

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    If you still need a little inspiration, here are some of the most important sports posts in the history of fan posts.

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