28 Joyful Memories To Warm A Philly Sports Fan’s Cold, Bitter Heart

It’s been a rough year. Let’s remember the good stuff.

1. This man’s beautiful, beautiful voice.

ID: 1478905
ID: 1478901

2. When Allen Iverson made Michael Jordan look silly.

ID: 1478805

3. This man’s beautiful hair.

Drew Hallowell / Getty Images

You know you want to run your fingers through it.

ID: 1478741

4. When Keith Primeau scored this goal to beat the Pens and end the longest NHL playoff game in the modern era.

ID: 1478848

5. Citizens Bank Park’s finest selection on the menu, the Schmitter.

A perfect marriage of steak, salami, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and “special sauce.”

ID: 1480421

6. When Donovan McNabb trolled the Giants by using their sideline phone.

ID: 1479062

7. Whenever the Phillie Phanatic teams up with Green Man.

ID: 1479231

8. This amazing resemblance.

Miss you, Andy!

ID: 1479482

9. And also this one.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

ID: 1480973

10. When Villanova trampled all over Georgetown’s title dreams.

ID: 1478987

11. This Wing Bowl legend.

William Thomas Cain / Getty Images
ID: 1480111

12. This man’s warm baritone coming out of your radio.

Comcast / Via
ID: 1479206
ID: 1479186

13. This box of soft pretzels.

ID: 1480636

14. That scene in Silver Linings Playbook where Jennifer Lawrence recites winning Philadelphia sports scores.

The Weinstein Company / Via
ID: 1481454

15. Anything Brian Dawkins has ever done.

ID: 1479119

16. That time Chris Farley looked EXACTLY like John Kruk.

Al Bello / Getty Images

ID: 1480534

17. That brief but glorious time we had Dikembe Mutombo.

ID: 1480021

18. This Conan skit that aired while the Mets were choking away the 2007 NL East lead.

NBC / Via
ID: 1480254

19. The fabled 2000 “Pickle Juice Game,” in which the Eagles beat down the Cowboys 41-14.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

ID: 1479894

20. This scrumptious Tastykake display.

ID: 1478943

21. This Temple fan who sacrificed his body for the team.

Photograph by Joseph V. Labolito, courtesy of Andrew J. Carl
ID: 1479821

22. This beautiful piece of art.

ID: 1481167

23. When DeSean Jackson ate the soul of every Giants fan.

Fox / Via
ID: 1481260

24. This young fan who’s numbing the pain of a tough loss.

ID: 1481417

25. Shawn Bradley being absurdly tall.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty
ID: 1479379

26. The day they destroyed this monstrosity.

ID: 1480176

27. The fact that this man, who terrorized us for decades, is finally retired.

Patrick Smith / Getty
ID: 1481063

28. And, of course, this doctored photo of Rocky holding a cheesesteak.

ID: 1481501

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