Scott Disick Couldn’t Hide The Shock On His Face When Kim Kardashian Told Him She Prefers The Lights Off During Sex To Avoid Being Seen

    “It’s so weird. I can walk out of a photo shoot with 100 people working on set in a thong, but if you’re there with me, I’m like, ‘Wait, don’t look at me.’”

    By now you’re probably aware that Kim Kardashian is living her best single life.

    Kim, 42, has spent the majority of her time in the limelight in serious relationships.

    Kim and Ye kissing

    Most notably, she was married to Kanye West (now known as Ye) from 2014 until February 2021 and began dating Pete Davidson eight months later, in October.

    Kim and Pete at the Met Gala

    Kim and Pete stayed together for nine months before splitting last August, and throughout their entire relationship — which seemed to get quite serious fairly quickly — both parties remained pretty private about how things were progressing between them.

    Pete and Kim on the red carpet

    For example, Pete hardly appeared in Kim’s family’s reality show, The Kardashians, despite the fact that they were together while lots of seasons 1 and 2 was being filmed. Plus, Kim didn’t post any photos of Pete to social media until March — almost half a year after they officially started dating.

    Last April, Kim explained why she was choosing to keep the details of her and Pete’s relationship private.

    Pete and Kim looking at each other at the Met Gala

    “I do think that I am holding, you know, a little bit more close to my heart on certain aspects of my relationship with Pete,” she said on Hoda Kotb's Making Space podcast.

    Pete and Kim at the Met Gala

    “It feels good just to know that, like, we have this connection and we have our little bubble of a relationship world that we live in that, like, not a lot of people know about,” she added.

    Now, 10 months on from her split from Pete, Kim is opening up about the way her fame makes it incredibly difficult to casually date in private.

    Sitting down at dinner with Scott Disick in the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kim opens up about her romantic life as she explains that she and Scott are “both single right now” and have a lot to discuss.

    Kim in a bodysuit and leather pants and waving

    When Scott notes that he hasn’t seen Kim “out on any dates or anything,” the business mogul reveals that she “can’t go out” on casual dates and instead has to sneak around “behind doors.”

    Close-up of Kim in a midriff-baring pantsuit featuring multiple belt strips

    Scott then asks Kim if she invites men over to her house instead of meeting them in public to avoid being seen. To this, Kim — who has four young kids — immediately notes that it’s “kind of awkward” having to rush people in without anyone seeing. “‘Hurry, hurry, so no one in the hallway sees you,’” she quips as she pretends to usher a date inside.

    But then Kim goes on to explain how intense pressure from the media makes dating all the more difficult.

    Close-up of Kim in leggings and a bra top

    “Here’s the thing,” she says. “If you are seen with someone, then, if it’s starting to not work out, you almost have to try to make it work a little longer because you’re so embarrassed.”

    Close-up of Kim at a press event

    Elaborating further in a confessional, Kim continues, “You obviously learn from every situation, and the one thing I learned from my last situation was that the media made me feel like I was in a very serious relationship so quickly.”

    Kim and Pete walking arm in arm

    “I just wanna sneak around a little bit,” she adds with a smile. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sneak.”

    Back at the dinner table, Kim tells Scott that at the moment, she doesn’t want to date just “one person,” before appearing to note that she’s actually “never” dated casually.

    Kim and Pete at the Met Gala

    And then Kim goes on to reveal that she’s seeing someone new who her friends set her up with. She and Scott nickname this mystery man “Fred.”

    Close-up of Kim and Scott

    “What’s so funny is, my friends wanted me to meet someone, so we go to New York,” she says, adding that they went to her go-to spot that has a “private room downstairs.”

    Kim walking in a parking lot

    However, as Kim explains, rumors began swirling that she had been rekindling things with Pete, given that she was at the same place where she used to have “secret dinners” with him.

    Pete and Kim holding hands

    “But then on the internet it was like, ‘Kim reconnects with Pete at this place’ … it was the place that I would go and have my ‘secret dinners’ with Pete,” she says before quipping, “He’s probably like, ‘I know what she’s up to.’”

    After telling Scott that “Fred” definitely “meets the standards,” Kim appears super giddy as she excitedly texts the mystery man during a confessional.

    Close-up of Kim holding a cellphone

    Later on during their meal, Kim and Scott wind up discussing the topic of age gaps in relationships. When Kim notes that she doesn’t want to date anyone far older or younger than she is, the pair bring up the 40-year age gap between then-couple Cher and Alexander Edwards.

    Alexander and Cher embracing

    Kim explains that she’d feel “insecure” if she were dating someone 40 years her junior, which prompts Scott to say of Cher, “Maybe she’s secure, or has the lights off.”

    Close-up of Scott at a dining table

    And then Kim reveals, “I pretty much have the lights off now.”

    Close-up of Kim at a dining table

    Scott can’t hold back his shock as he stares at Kim in disbelief. “What?!” he asks while she giggles.

    Close-up of Kim smiling with her eyes closed at a dining table

    In a confessional, Kim elaborates further. After being asked by a producer off camera whether she’s a “lights-off kind of girl,” she smiles and says, “Kind of…yeah. It’s so weird.”

    Close-up of Kim wearing an elaborate, multistrand pearl necklace

    “I can walk out of a photo shoot with 100 people working on set in a thong,” she says. “But if it’s, like, you’re there with me, I’m like, ‘Wait, don’t look at me. Turn the lights off!’” she whispers while curling into a ball and covering herself with her arms.

    You can watch the latest episode of The Kardashians on Hulu now or on Disney+ internationally. The next episode will be available to watch June 15.