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    Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Made Their Official R.C.D. — Red Carpet Debut — And It's Definitely A Moment

    It's officially official.

    As you probably know by now, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are an item.

    The two started dating in October 2021, right after Kim hosted SNL. They even kissed for the first time publicly in an Aladdin-Jasmine skit on the show:

    Flash forward to 2022. Recently, they I.G.D., aka Instagram debuted to the world:

    And now they're taking the natural next step as a Hollywood couple — they're debuting on the red carpet.

    That's right! Last night, at the 2022 White House Correspondents’ dinner, the two stepped out as a couple on the red carpet. Kim wore a sparkly Balenciaga dress, and Pete wore a black Prada suit with Vans.

    Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

    Pete also rocked a handlebar mustache of sorts and seemed to have gotten a spray tan, probably as per Kim's advice.

    Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

    Honestly, even if you're not a fan (me), you gotta admit — they look great.

    Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

    And they do seem happy!

    Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

    Wishing these two love birds a million more years of happiness and red carpet lewks. Bye!