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Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Kissed On "SNL" Last Night, And I'm Not Sure How To Feel About It

Wasn't expecting that...

Last night, Kim Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live, where she did a multitude of sketches, like "The People's Kourt," "Lotto Drawing," and "Jasmine and Aladdin."

Kim during her opening monologue
NBC / Via

In that skit, we follow Jasmine (Kim) as we know her — only she's rude and insulting toward Aladdin (Pete Davidson).

Jasmine and Aladdin sitting on the magical carpet
NBC / Via

"Do you feel self-conscious because I'm the daughter of a sultan, and you're just a lowly street rat?" Jasmine asks Aladdin.

NBC / Via

She also says, "Are you intimidated that I'm friends with a bunch of wealthy celebrities, and your only friend is a monkey?"

NBC / Via

Then, after the genie grants Aladdin the wish of a bigger penis, Jasmine asks Aladdin, "Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

NBC / Via

And the two proceed to kiss. YUUUUP:

NBC / Via

Just from a pop culture perspective, WOW. This was not on my 2021 bingo card.

NBC / Via

Like, this is a very 2021 moment.

NBC / Via

And people were pretty shocked:

never in a million years would i ever think id see kim kardashian kissing pete davidson

Twitter: @arisdoja

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson kissing really is sending me #snl

Twitter: @magdaciousss

kim kardashian and pete davidson just kissed what dimension are we in rn

Twitter: @guccibaiby

#SNL #KimKardashian Kanye after watching Pete Davidson kissing North's mother,,

Twitter: @Ait_Iti

That's all! You can watch the full skit here:

View this video on YouTube


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