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17 Things To Do When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind

Things to do offline. Remember your brain ... before the internet?

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1. Become obsessed with a paint-by-numbers masterpiece.

They're usually only $10-$15 per kit, providing hours, nay, DAYS of obsessive entertainment.

3. Send your long-distance friends surprise postcards.

Snail mail! It's coming back and going to be a thing. Spend an afternoon at antique stores hunting down vintage postcards, or find the cheesiest ones possible and send them off to friends. You'll feel good about yourself.


5. Do a puzzle.

Why? Because you forgot how awesome puzzles are. And they use a different part of your brain.

6. Attempt some intricate nail art.

Requires immense concentration. Guaranteed boredom buster.

8. Start a vinyl collection, if you haven't already.

Records make you cool. Also, hunting down used, super cheap ones at your local record shop or at a flea market will become your new hobby.


11. Re-arrange all your books.

By color, perhaps? Or what about by genre? Or by books you've read vs. books you have yet to read? Books are your friend.


13. Get into origami.

Another activity that requires thought, analysis, and creativity. Once you master the basics, try something even cooler, like one of the tutorials from Star Wars Origami.

17. Get into list-making.

It's the most satisfying activity yet. There's the classic to-do list. But then there are the aspirational lists — things you want for yourself, for your home, for your pets. You could even keep a list of activities to do when you are bored.