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17 Things To Do When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind

Things to do offline. Remember your brain ... before the internet?

1. Become obsessed with a paint-by-numbers masterpiece.

2. Paint all your cheap-o jewelry with clear nail polish.

3. Send your long-distance friends surprise postcards.

4. Make booze more magical.

5. Do a puzzle.

6. Attempt some intricate nail art.

7. Plant a kitchen herb garden.

8. Start a vinyl collection, if you haven't already.

9. Refresh your middle and high school knowledge.

Homework for Grown-ups is a brilliant (and handsome) workbook that will make you less stupid.

10. Paint your different keys with nail polish.

11. Re-arrange all your books.

12. Ikea-hack a piece of your furniture.

13. Get into origami.

14. Spend seven minutes doing this workout.

15. Find a podcast you love, download a bunch, and take a very long walk while you listen.

16. Do a crossword puzzle.

17. Get into list-making.

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