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23 Very Ridiculous Things For Sale At Nasty Gal

Who says a romper covered in pom poms isn't work appropriate?

We are Kristin and Leo and sometimes we like to talk about fashion. Today, we're discussing some styles from the retailer Nasty Gal, which is sometimes known for its... interesting and strange fashions.

First a few thoughts before we begin...

Leo: Nasty Gal sells some kind of insane stuff, but full disclosure: I shop there from time to time. A lot of the stuff is totally unwearable, but I do have to admit that I kind of admire the Nasty Gal fantasy. Like, she's someone who uses glitter condoms, wears bras as shirts, and is also a DJ with some fancy Scandinavian name spelled in ALL CAPS.

Kristin: Nasty Gal clothes all seem to me like they come from a weird dystopian future where all the humans are forced to switch clothes with all the Barbie dolls from the '90s.


Leo: "Sexy" sesame street costume.

Kristin: A Fraggle Rock parody porno.


Leo: I imagine if you dropped acid and then went to play basketball, it'd look something like this.

Krstin: This outfit is going in so many different directions, it looks like it can't decide what it's trying to parody. Like, it's from the Spring Zoolander Collection For Those Who Can't Satire Good And Want To Learn How To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Leo: Bad-Satire: So hot right now.



Kristin: Somewhere out there, there's a 13-year-old who is dying to wear this shirt to church. Like, fuck you mom and dad, this is what I spent my babysitting money on.

Leo: Cult of what though?

Kristin: The cult of Claire's boutiques. Also, if you still have to tell people that you are a cult leader, I feel like you have a long way to go before truly being a leader of cults.

Leo: You could change one letter of this and it could be very bad.


Kristin: Glad to see the up-and-coming neighborhood of Tacos is finally getting some recognition.

Leo: Heh. I just thought this is like the easiest association you could make with L.A. I do want tacos now, though.



Kristin: This is what you wear when you want to troll people wearing daisy crowns. Like, I see your vegetable headwear, and raise you with THIS MEAT CROWN.

Leo: Right, like what you wear to the anti-Coachella.


Leo: It's funny cuz it's true!

Kristin: This bag really wants to be stolen. Like, it is so desperate for attention it is practically begging for you to steal it.


Kristin: How do you pee in this? Do you just give up on ever using a bathroom again once you put this on? I think in that case, white might not be the best color for this.

Leo: Maybe those snaps come undone. I'm more concerned about the neck-wraparound-choker-situation.

Kristin: Like a pet harness.

Leo: But fashion-y.


Kristin: That bottom cat looks like he's seriously pissed about something. Like, he and top cat made some sort of deal, but top cat has left him in the dust.

Leo: Miley Cyrus' pajamas.


Leo: This is the Regina George of T-shirts. Like, she accidentally wore her bra on the outside (how, I have no idea) and then everyone was like, "that's fresh."

Kristin: This is the type of shirt that would start a school district-wide fight over whether it was appropriate.

Leo: Totally. Except if you went to school with Cher Horowitz in Clueless. Then you could wear this to gym class.


Leo: This makes me think of ice skating. Like if Oksana Baiul wanted the equivalent of a day to night outfit. Day to ICE.

Kristin: This is like 1,000 snowflakes fell on you in just the right way.

Leo: Except you're freezing cuz you're nekkid.

Kristin: I think buying this implies that you really, really trust your waxing professional.



Kristin: I feel really bad for this girl's underarms, because they are dying right now. Sequins are the devil's embellishment.

Leo: Oh, I didn't even think of that. I just thought of what a luxury boredom is. OH! The shirt is saying 9 to 5. So is it like bored at work? What job would you wear that to then? Hmm...



Kristin: I like this, because it really takes the pressure off of worrying about whether or not people can see my bra. Like, the truth will set you free.

Leo: Yes, I can see how that would be liberating. I'd just worry about feeling overheated and too-cold at the same time in this.


Leo: Tevas are back and I never thought I would see the day. I remember when my dad wore these, with socks, like every day of the '90s.

Kristin: These are the type of shoes where right after you put them on, they start to go on a long, dark journey towards become the most unimaginably filthy shoes you own.


Leo: I wanna take a thread to those holes and sew everything together.

Kristin: I think with my luck, one of my nipples would find its way into one of those holes. I'm afraid of nipples.



Kristin: I had a rabbit as a kid, and you could tell which parts of the yard he had pooped in because those spots had the most lush and beautiful grass and flowers you had ever seen. This dress reminds me of that.

Leo: If Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream was a woman, he'd wear this.


Leo: if you are a superhero, this is what you wear to the Ace Hotel rooftop pool.

Kristin: This looks like a bullfighting costume.

Leo: If bullfighting were in Sexytown, USA.

Kristin: Also, if I wore this, I would like, immediately get stuck in a pool drain.

Leo: Pool drains still scare me.



Kristin: That fringe has a 100% chance of getting accidentally dunked in a toilet bowl.

Leo: Yum. Toilet fringe.



Kristin: These are the types of pants I would have worn in 7th grade. Like, they literally look like they are for a 7th grader.

Leo: I totally know what you mean. I'm short, so these would fit like normal pants on me probably. I was big into bell bottoms in 3rd grade. It could be time to bring those back. If Tevas are coming back, anything's possible.


Kristin: This is the outfit you come back to school in the next day after your principal sends you home for your shorts being too short. It's the only way to exact your vengeance.

Leo: That is a very creative use for this outfit that I would not have thought of! Did you see how the waistband kinda says "Sex"? I know you like it when S's are fashioned as dollar signs.



Kristin: I resent that these are $55. Like, this has happened to every mother's sunglasses at some point, for free.

Leo: "I went to Jurassic Park and all I got were these lousy sunglasses."



Kristin: These shoes should come with a warning that explains that they might possibly be the last shoes you will ever wear.

Leo: These are for sure a health hazard. I feel anxious just looking at them.

Kristin: Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think shoes are supposed to be permanent installations.



Kristin: Oh, hello, would you like to wear knock-off Disney merchandise at eight times the price? Then I have a hat for you!

Leo: High-fashion Mickey. I feel like this is what you wear to Disneyland Paris.



Kristin: I feel like I need this printed on all of my clothes. Like, FYI world: I'm putting myself in a real financial pickle in order to save you from having to see my bits.

Leo: So you like this... or....

Kristin: I appreciate its honesty.

Leo: Word.