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10 Celebrities You Wish Were Your Family Members During The Holiday Season

These celebrities would probably make your family gatherings more tolerable. (Plus they'd give you great gifts)

laurenthomas 4 years ago

The Best Revived 90s Trends Of 2014

No matter your age, we're all true 90s kids at heart. No year proved that more than 2014s fashion trends. From plastic chokers, to grunge layering, we covered it all this year.

laurenthomas 4 years ago

Dear Film Junkies: How Many Movies Do You Recognize In This Music Video?

CRUISR's latest music video "All Over" pays homage to classic movies in a brilliant way. Test your film knowledge now!

laurenthomas 4 years ago

19 Things That Go Through Every Commuter's Head

Everyone commutes and literally everyone hates it.

laurenthomas 4 years ago

14 Times One Direction Lost Their Chill On Tour

With the band's latest tour kicking off, it's time to revisit classic moments where One Direction forgot they were performing in front of a stadium’s worth of people.

laurenthomas 4 years ago

11 Celebrities In (Awesome!) Christmas Sweaters

Ugly sweaters aren't just for us common-folk anymore!

laurenthomas 4 years ago

Photos That Will Make You Say "Same"

You won't understand why you identify with the photos, but you'll feel it in your soul.

laurenthomas 4 years ago

Eight Ways You Know You’re Over College

Higher education is a necessity that makes everyone vom in their mouth a bit. But don't worry, it doesn't last forever (unless you're an education major!)

laurenthomas 4 years ago