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19 Things That Go Through Every Commuter's Head

Everyone commutes and literally everyone hates it.

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1. Please don't sit next to me. Please don't sit next to me. Please don't–

There's nothing worse than sharing a small seat with a smelly old man for 45 minutes. Say a few Hail Mary's and hope he walks past you.

2. This ain't American Idol, but I'm sure as hell gonna sing my heart out to every song on my 'driving' playlist.

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Everyone's commuting inspiration, honestly.

4. If you forgot your headphones your whole day is going to be shitty.

How else will you ignore your surroundings now?

7. Hoping you don't run into the Rat King.

If you don't know what it is don't look it up. Just know you'll never want to see it in person.

13. Contemplating parking illegally since there's literally NOWHERE to park.

Having a job > getting a ticket

14. Trying to memorize the ads in the Subway car so you don't have to make eye contact with the person across from you.

Wow, this ad for breast augmentation is so interesting! I think I'll read it forty-seven times!

16. Every old person should have to take their driver's test again at the age of 65.

Grandma Suzy doing 15 in a 40, I'm gonna finish my college education before she gets to the super market.

18. Whatever you're selling. Nobody wants to buy it.

Religious magazines. Mixtapes. Fruit snacks.

Just leave me alone.

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