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10 Celebrities You Wish Were Your Family Members During The Holiday Season

These celebrities would probably make your family gatherings more tolerable. (Plus they'd give you great gifts)

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1. Bill Murray


Billy Murray did a tour of America crashing college parties (If you don't think he's the coolest celebrity, please reconsider.) Imagine how cool it would be if he did a tour crashing family holiday parties. He would be the awesome drunk uncle everyone deserves to have in their life.

2. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer would be that cousin who sits across from you at the dinner table and makes faces at everything your dumb relatives say. She would also be your partner in crime for stealing all of the appetizers before anyone else can try them.

3. Dave Grohl


After watching Sonic Highways on HBO, it's hard not to want Dave Grohl as your cool uncle. He's toured the world and met/worked with some of the most influential people in the music industry. He'd be great just for the stories alone, but he's also goofy and intelligent, and would probably take you to get your first tattoo after too much eggnog.

4. Tina Fey


The only person at the family dinner that would make fun of everyone, no matter how young or old. No one is safe in the presence of Aunt Tina. She'd be the one to bring up embarrassing stories from your childhood any chance she could. But she's also super smart, and real as hell.

6. Taylor Swift


She's the cool young aunt on your Mom's side that's more like your sister. You gossip about your love life with her and she's cool enough to not tell your mom. You'd swap Christmas cookie recipes with her while dancing to cheesy pop music in your fluffy socks. Can't think of a more perfect way to ring in the holidays.

7. Niall Horan


Niall's your cousin who's in a band that will never amount to anything, but still always brings his guitar to family gatherings and plays Wonderwall. He's probably the only boy cousin and he tries to keep up with all the men, drinking his weight in beer. He's a riot until he passes out on the recliner with his hand down his pants.

8. Ellen

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Your eccentric Aunt Ellen that's not even seen as eccentric by anyone in your family anymore. She comes to Thanksgiving dressed as a Pilgrim, to Christmas as an Elf, and birthdays as a Fairy Godmother of Gifts. Plus, you can conspire pranks on your siblings with her and it's awesome.

9. Seth Rogen

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Uncle Seth taught you everything you shouldn't know and made you promise you wouldn't tell your Dad. He singlehandedly made you the coolest kid in school growing up– from cool jokes, to sex and drugs. He's your favourite family member, but you have to pretend he isn't since your Mom isn't too fond of him.

Just imagine the joy he and his laugh would bring to your family Christmas dinner. Long live Uncle Seth.

10. Beyonce


Beyonce is your older sister that lives out of state and always shows up to family gatherings with her perfect family, dressed to the nines, talking about her newest business ventures. Your mom is always like, "Why can't you be more like Beyonce?" and you can't even argue– you're like, "Yeah Mom, why can't I be more like Beyonce?"

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