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The Best Revived 90s Trends Of 2014

No matter your age, we're all true 90s kids at heart. No year proved that more than 2014s fashion trends. From plastic chokers, to grunge layering, we covered it all this year.

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2. Round Colored Sunglasses


Mary-Kate and Ashley launched the cool sunglasses trend during their Tour de Force of twintastic movies, but the glasses with the most staying power proves to be the colored John Lennon-esque glasses.

4. Sky High Jeans


Also fondly referred to as "mom jeans," this trend is as flattering as it is unflattering. As long as you wear it with confidence, you'll look amazing. Plus high waisted jeans work wonders when it comes to the next trend–

5. Crop Tops


Crop tops were arguably the most popular trend in 2014. From red carpet events, to getting coffee with friends, you could wear it anywhere. Plus it made you feel effortlessly sexy. But let us not forget where the crop top began– girl bands like TLC, the Spice Girls, and Destiny's Child.

6. Clashing Layers


Layering clothes is a quick and easy way to stay warm and fashionable. The only difference is that we got better at looking less like a disaster, and more like a nightmare dress like a daydream (not sorry for the gratuitous Taylor Swift lyric.)

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