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    The Cast Of "Supernatural" Threw Cash At Each Other And It Was Pretty Awesome

    Carry on my dorkwad sons.

    On TV, the cast of Supernatural are all about bloody encounters with monsters and emotional encounters with their own manly feelings. But off-screen, they're all a bunch of adorable dorks. And it's kind of the best.

    Facebook: video.php

    Misha Collins (Castiel, a puppy dog-eyed angel on the show), posted a video featuring the cast and crew throwing around stacks of Canadian money set to Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money."

    "The Canadian mint commissioned the cast and crew of ‪#‎Supernatural‬ to produce this short film celebrating the Canadian five-dollar bill," Collins wrote on Facebook.

    The odds of the above statement being true are slim to none, but we do get to watch Jensen Ackles (brooding big brother Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (brooding little brother Sam Winchester) toss around cash.

    As does Ruth Connell (Rowena, the witch with the most eyeshadow game), while perched on Collins.

    Though it airs on The CW, Supernatural films in Vancouver, hence the easy access to a pile of Canadian cash.

    At one point Ackles rains bills down on Collins as he lays on the floor. Which has undoubtedly already inspired numerous dirty fanfics.

    Then Rob Benedict (aka Chuck, aka God himself) writhes around in yet more of our rainbow currency.

    Thank you for filling our between-seasons thirst. It means a lot.