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People Are Roasting This Manspready Justin Trudeau Magazine Cover

"Please, Mr. Trudeau was my father. Call me Justin."

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the cover of Delta's in-flight magazine, Sky — all manspready and casual.


Trudeau graced the cover in honour of Canada's 150th birthday.

And with that pose, he looks like many things other than the prime minister.

Such as a try-hard substitute teacher who tells you Mr. Trudeau was his dad — call him Justin.

"You know who else was basically a rapper? Shakespeare," the sub said, settling into the backwards chair. "And you…

Amirite, fellow youth?

"Cash Money Records, eh fellow teens? You know there's another fun thing called Cash-For-Access, ever heard of that…

It's almost too easy.

Class, throw away your textbooks, I'm the cool sub...


@Slade "Don't call me Mr Trudeau, call me Justin. Or J-Dog."

So nonchalant.

So Backstreet Boys circa 1999.


People also couldn't help but notice how nicely framed the prime ministerial crotch is.

Framing "prime time" around his spread-eagle crotch is just bad framing. Or is it genius...

And, as usual, people enjoyed it all far too much.

Hold on, I thought SMOKIN' was not allowed on any Delta flights

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