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16 Pokémasters Who Are Killing It In The Dating Scene Right Now

"Wait til you see my jigglypuffs."

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Pokémon Go has already surpassed Tinder in downloads. It's also basically Grindr 2.0.

But for people using hook-up apps, Pokémon Go is also a ~recipe for romance.~

1. Like these two soulmates who both won an epic, filthy pun battle.

Seriously, it went on forever.

Bravo, you two. BRAVO.

Just get married already.

Just get married already.

2. This Team Valor player who just went there.

3. These two who are going to spend their first date trying to catch 'em all.

4. This guy who understands priorities.

(Namely: Pokémon and letting people know you're not wearing pants.)

(Namely: Pokémon and letting people know you're not wearing pants.)

5. Pokémon Go gave this shy guy the confidence to send that first message.

6. These guy who are probably going to have the best time.

7. This smooth motherfucker looking for a "pokego daddy."

9. This person who will not settle for less than they deserve.

10. This person who knows it's important to clearly communicate your needs.

11. This fairy tale romance in the making.

12. This guy who knows that dick pics aren't as good as Pokémon pics.

13. This person who know hows to entice a potential lover.

14. This perfect icebreaker.

15. Pokémon Go even provides the perfect way to reject someone.

16. Just look at this goddamn hero who blew off a match so beautifully that I'm crying.

Never forget:

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