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Pokémon Go Is The Upgrade To Grindr Every Gay Man Has Been Waiting For

*deletes Grindr and lives life happily ever after*

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1. So Pokémon Go basically took over everybody's life, but it didn't take long for gay men to realise something.

2. It was basically an epiphany. A true eureka moment.

Pokemon Go is the Grindr I've been waiting for.

3. I mean, just look at the general rules for both apps and try to tell me they aren't basically the same.

“And then if someone else is near you playing Pokemon Go it will tell you and you can fight them.” “So it’s Pokemon Grindr?"

4. The similarities don't end there. Just look at the calibre of men/Pokémon you're faced with.

There're just Rattatas around me on #PokemonGo. It's basically Grindr.

5. And of course you get super excited when you find something you want to add to your collection.

With #PokemonGO and #Grindr I can hunt the things I love most! A wild 'Silver Fox' has appeared, quick, throw the master ball! 😂

6. Thanks, Kelis, but we no longer need a milkshake to bring the boys to our yard.

Who needs Grindr? Just drop a lure module and let the boys flock in #PokemonGO

7. TBH, Pokémon Go might be a brand-new thing for everybody else, but it's basically just an upgrade of Grindr for gay men. A Grindr 2.0, if you will.

The gays have been playing Pokémon Go for years. It's called Grindr.

8. Somebody even came up with the genius plan to COMBINE the two apps.

@al1345 a wild vers-bottom appeared!

9. It got out of hand very quickly.

@J_Manasa @journodave @al1345 Wild Vers-Bottom used Drag Race Reaction Gif. Dom Top is now confused.

10. But try and locate the lie? IT'S NOT THERE.

11. There are slight differences between Grindr and Pokémon Go, however. Just think back to those nights you couldn't be bothered to get laid.

Grindr: 15 mins walk to you? Maybe some other time.. Pokemon Go: -goes on a 6 mile run to hatch eggs-

12. And this is obviously probably leading to a tip in the scales.

how much do you think @Grindr usage went down since #PokemonGo

13. No longer will the Grindr notification ring loud and clear on Fire Island. Instead, hordes of gay men will come together, capturing exotic Pokémon and battling for more than just who tops and who bottoms.

#PokemonGO has replaced Grindr as the number one app on #FireIsland

14. So basically who needs to find a husband when you can find Pokémon?

I have installed #PokemonGo. I can now remove #Grindr.

15. Because let's face it, catching Pokémon probably has a better chance of success. :((((

I deleted my @Grindr to make room for @pokemon Go...I'll probably be better at that game anyway. #gay #grindrproblems #pokegay #gaymer

16. But if you can't be bothered to go out catching Pokémon, you don't have to feel left out, because you can just go back to that trusty old app.

When you don't know how to play Pokemon Go but you're still determined to go on adventures around town.