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    We Sucked Shit Out Of Our Pores And Holy Hell It Was Gross

    For everyone who's just a *little* obsessed with their dirty pores.

    Hi hi, party people! We recently saw some reviews about a PORE-SUCKING VACUUM, and because we're all gross and obsessed with our dirty pores, we just had to try it.

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    The Panasonic Electric Pore Cleanser claims to clean out your pores using suction (like a vacuum).

    To get the most out of it, you'll first want to steam up your face and get those pores nice and open.

    There's only one speed/power setting on the device, and we found that if you stay in one place for too long you'll end up giving yourself a lil' hickey.

    Claire figured out that it does take some time to get used to, and you have to keep returning to the same spot in order to really get everything out.

    Lauren actually really liked it and was getting major ~spa vibes~.

    Sam didn't see much of a difference, but could definitely feel the pressure of the device.

    And Claire was not a fan.

    But here's Claire's aftermath:

    It's clear that there's some shit in there.

    Would you try this pore-sucking vacuum?